Walker Signs “Right to Hunt Act”

Walker signed the “Right to Hunt Act!”

That bill made it’s way through the process and got out of Committee and down through the channels and got voted through the Assembly and the Senate. The last step is to have Gov Walker sign it in to law.

The Governor did just that for us yesterday at the WBHA Annual Convention in Rothschild. What a great feeling to be a part of the team that got this bill passed into law. One of the things I am most proud of is that it really was a group of people identifying a problem, making a plan “by the people”, working on it with our local Representatives, and passing it through into state law…..that’s the way it is supposed to work!

I’m glad I could help be part of the effort! Here is a picture of Gov. Walker talking about our “grassroots efforts” and the importance of Sportsmen’s Rights and 2nd Amendment Rights here in WI.IMG957846 (1)

I brought my daughter Maggie with me on to the WBHA Convention on Saturday with her hopes that she could maybe see Gov. Scott Walker…..she is a big fan of his and has been since I brought her to watch him sign a bill into law about five years ago.

She has a Walker/Kleefisch yard sign stapled to her wall above her bed at the cabin even! Not only did she get to see him but she had a moment to laugh and joke with him and then take a couple pictures.20160402_124905-1This is the group that was recognized as making it a law but I want to be clear – that only happens with help from a lot of you out there that pitched in, made phone calls, took time away from work and family….thank you very much for all your efforts, you know who you are!IMG_1696 (1)Watching the Governor sign the bill into law with Al Lobner, Sen. Frank Lasee, Rep. Adam Jarchow, Mike Sogge, Sen. Terry Moulton, Rob Stafsholt, Rep Mary Czaja, Mitch Sands, and others. And Governor Scott Walker holds up the new law.IMG957860


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