Rob’s 4-Point Criminal Justice Reform Plan

  • Form a 29th Assembly District Law Enforcement Advisory Council made up of Law Enforcement professionals throughout the 29th Assembly District. The goal of this council will be to exchange information and ideas on how best to combat crime in our area and gain expert feedback from local law enforcement on pending state legislation. The council will meet quarterly.
  • Work with the Attorney General to expand the highly successful ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Program. The ICAC Program targets criminals who use the internet or other online technology to sexually exploit children.
  • Support continuation and implementation of Representative John Nygren’s HOPE (Heroin, Opiate, Prevention and Education) Agenda. The HOPE Agenda is aimed at combating prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction. Stafsholt’s plan will focus on implementing successful strategies to reduce prescription drug abuse, particularly in rural areas. He will bring together stakeholders in government, law enforcement, health care, the faith-based community and others to fight this epidemic.
  • Work with statewide domestic violence prevention advocates to provide support for domestic violence victims. This includes expanded funding for domestic violence shelters, particularly in rural areas. Stafsholt’s plan will also focus on looking at ways to reform state statutes related to stalking, identity theft, and harassment.

“Public safety will be a top priority for me if elected,” stated Stafsholt. “I am committed to working together with state and local law enforcement in order to find ways to make our communities safer for all of our families.”