Rep. Adam Jarchow Endorsement

April 7, 2016 | New Richmond, WI – After meeting with Rep. Adam Jarchow today, to discuss my Freedoms Agenda, I was honored to receive his endorsement for my campaign to become the next Assemblyman in the 29th District of Wisconsin.

It is truly an honor to have the support of Rep. Jarchow, Rep. Kleefisch and St. Croix County Sheriff John Shilts.

AdamJarchow1 AdamJarchow2


Sheriff John Shilts Endorses Rob’s Run for State Assembly

New Richmond, WI – Friday, March 25, 2016 | St. Croix County Sheriff John Shilts endorses Rob Stafsholt for the Wisconsin State Assembly’s 29th District.

I was truly honored and humbled to read the words in a Letter of Endorsement that I received from St Croix County Sheriff John Shilts in a recent email. I am very appreciative of his endorsement of my campaign to be the Representative from District 29th District, but his kind words are exceptional to me and I will work tirelessly to live up to them.” ~Rob Stafsholt

St. Croix County Sheriff, John Shilts

Endorsement Quote:

Rob will not be swayed by the pressure in Madison. I have no doubt that he can and will stand for what the people of the 29th District say that they need. Rob is a team builder and has put in his homework on one of his highest priorities, Public Safety. In these uncertain times the safety of our families must be a priority.” ~John Shilts, St. Croix County Sheriff

 St. Croix County Sheriff, John Shilts

Endorsement Letter:

Endorsement - John Shilts, St. Croix County Sheriff

You can view Rob’s 4-Point Criminal Justice Reform Plan here.

If you would like to help my campaign reach more people in the 29th District with my message, please consider making a financial donation today.

Rep. Joel Kleefisch Endorsement

Based on my four point Crime Agenda…


Rob Stafsholt for Assembly

Discussing my Crime Agenda with Sheriff John Shilts, Chief Deputy Scott Knudson, and Chair of the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety – Rep. Joel Kleefisch

I had a great day today talking to Law Enforcement and some media about my four point Crime Agenda I would like to work on if elected. You can view the full four-point plan here.

I would like to support and possibly expand our ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Program across WI.

I had the opportunity to discuss that today with St Croix County Sheriff John Shilts, Chief Deputy Scott Knudson, and ICAC Investigator Shawn Demulling along with Representative Joel Kleefisch who is the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.

I want to thank Joel for making the commitment to come all the way across WI today in miserable road conditions to discuss my Crime Agenda.

I look forward to having the opportunity to have the same open discussion with Law Enforcement on the east side of District 29 including Sheriff Dennis Smith if possible.

My first major endorsement. I am so excited, I can’t wait to get elected so I can help be a part of the team that helps to keep our families and communities safe.

Rob Stafsholt

I also got to learn some of the needs to expand the ICAC Program (Internet Crimes Against Children) from ICAC Investigator Shawn Demulling.

Rob Stafsholt To Run for 29th Assembly District

Candidate Will Fight For Good Paying Jobs, Economic Development and Protect Individual Freedoms

Press Release – PDF | New Richmond – March 10, 2016

Small businessman Rob Stafsholt (R-New Richmond) announced today that he intends to run for the 29th Assembly District which is being vacated by Representative John Murtha. Stafsholt said he is committed to creating good paying jobs for our area, expand economic development opportunities and to protect our individual freedoms if elected.


RobA lifelong resident of St. Croix County, Rob Stafsholt’s family has farmed in the area for 4 generations.  Rob’s wide range of small business experience includes running his family’s food manufacturing company called Scoop’s Delight Salad Dressing, working as a mortgage loan originator in New Richmond, and owning and operating several rental properties.

Rob has helped manage the family farm for the past 22 years and still helps to operate the farm today. Rob has a daughter Maggie, who is 12 and attends New Richmond public schools.

“I love our area.  My family has called Western Wisconsin home for 4 generations.  Now I want to give back by serving the people of this district at the State Capitol.  I want to put my experience as a small businessman to work for our state by building a strong economy so the private sector can create good paying jobs, enhancing economic development, reducing the size of state government, supporting educational opportunities for our children and lowering our taxes.

Stafsholt is an active member of the New Richmond community where he has served on the Town of Erin Prairie Planning Commission. He is also a member of the New Richmond Chamber of Commerce; a Lifetime Member of the NRA, the St. Croix Republican Party, St. Croix County Farm Bureau member, Wisconsin Property Taxpayers Inc., and the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association.

Rob is a 1994 graduate of New Richmond High School and attended both UW Eau Claire and UW River Falls.

“If elected, I will work hard for family supporting jobs and economic development opportunities for our area,” stated Stafsholt.  “I will also fight against fraud, waste and abuse in state government.  It’s time government worked for US, not the other way around.“

Over the next few months Rob looks forward to meeting people across Assembly District 29 and asking for and earning their vote. The 29th Assembly District includes portions of St. Croix and Dunn Counties.