Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation Backs Stafsholt


Earlier today, Rob Stafsholt, Republican candidate for the 29th Assembly District, was formally endorsed by the Volunteers for Agriculture-PAC, the political action arm of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

Agriculture in Wisconsin is an $88.3 billion industry annually. It contributes 354,000 jobs to Wisconsin’s economy – that equals 10% of Wisconsin’s total employment. According to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s website, there are more than 77,000 farms in Wisconsin.

Rob operates one of those farms. He is a fourth-generation farmer who is proud to continue the agricultural legacy of western Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation’s endorsement is yet another reason why Rob is the correct choice for the 29th Assembly District this November.


Rob and Carl Casper (left) discussing agriculture issues


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Stafsholt Endorsed by Wisconsin Federation for Children


Rob Stafsholt, Republican candidate for the 29th Assembly District, was endorsed by the Wisconsin Federation for Children PAC.

The Wisconsin Federation for Children PAC is a non-partisan political action committee whose mission is to support candidates who support meaningful reforms that will improve schools and ensure that all children have access to a high quality education.

Their top priority is working to give equal opportunity in education to all low-income families through educational choice.

Tavern League of Wisconsin Endorses Rob Stafsholt


I was endorsed today by the Tavern League of Wisconsin!

The Tavern League of Wisconsin services over 5,000 members and is an integral part of Wisconsin’s economy. They also play an important role locally. Many Tavern League members are leaders within the community and their endorsement means a great deal to me.

I will continue to work hard on the campaign trail to merit the support that has been given to me. Thank you to all TLW members with whom I have met in the 29th Assembly District. I look forward to being a responsible, common-sense voice for you in Madison.

Tavern League Endorsed

Retiring Representative John Murtha Endorses Rob Stafsholt for State Assembly


Rep. John Murtha (left) endorses Rob Stafsholt to succeed him in Madison.

Baldwin – Rob Stafsholt, candidate for the 29th Assembly District, was endorsed today by Representative John Murtha (R-Baldwin).  Murtha, who is not seeking re-election this fall, has spent a decade representing the people of the 29th District in Madison.  Murtha cited Stafsholt’s business experience and common-sense leadership as fitting qualities for a State Representative. He also praised Stafsholt’s tough stance on taxes, his dedication to educational excellence, his support of Second Amendment rights, and his ability to work with everyone to get the job done.

“As a successful small businessman, Rob Stafsholt knows first-hand how to balance a checkbook and create economic opportunities for our area. And as a family man, Rob is committed to doing the right thing for the educational needs of our future generations,” Murtha stated.  “I feel confident that Rob will be a strong voice for western Wisconsin and will stand up for our area against the Madison special interests.”

Rob Stafsholt is a small businessman and fourth generation farmer. He is raising his daughter just outside of New Richmond, the area where he grew up and has spent his entire life. His campaign highlights plans to reduce crime and to expand economic development opportunities for western Wisconsin.

Rep. Murtha, who will retire in January 2017, is currently one of the longest serving members of the Assembly Majority and was elected by his colleagues as Majority Caucus Chair.


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“The West Side” Candidate Forum

On Monday, September 19th I had the opportunity to travel to Eau Claire to speak on the Wisconsin Public Radio program “The West Side” with Rich Kremer (pictured here). Both myself and the Democratic candidate were asked a number of questions by constituents around the state and I laid out my vision for common sense leadership in Madison. Please listen and share if you agree with me on transportation funding, de-listing wolves, the Second Amendment, or the other topics we discussed!


Click this picture or visit http://www.wpr.org/listen/991731 to hear me on WPR!

Rob Stafsholt, Supporter of 2nd Amendment Rights, Endorsed by NRA


Rob Stafsholt, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, has received their endorsement for the Wisconsin’s 29th Assembly District.

Rob is an avid outdoorsman, a gun owner, and a staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment rights for all Wisconsinites. He received an “A” rating from the NRA.



Rob (center) with fellow hunters and outdoor enthusiasts


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