29th Assembly District


St. Croix County Dunn County
 City of Glenwood City    City of Menomonie
 City of New Richmond  Town of Lucas
 Town of Baldwin  Town of Menomonie
 Town of Cady  Town of Stanton
 Town of Cylon    Town of Tiffany
 Town of Eau Galle    Village of Boyceville
 Town of Emerald    Village of Downing
 Town of Erin Prairie    Village of Knapp
 Town of Glenwood    
 Town of Hammond    
 Town of Pleasant Valley    
 Town of Richmond    
 Town of Rush River  
 Town of Springfield  
 Town of Stanton  
 Town of Star Prairie  
 Village of Baldwin  
 Village of Deer Park    
 Village of Hammond  
 Village of Star Prairie  
 Village of Wilson    
 Village of Woodville